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When Should Witty Minstrel drops new Music?

Got up yesterday and saw a post from Witty Minstrel asking us whether we are ready for New Music. He…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Got up yesterday and saw a post from Witty Minstrel asking us whether we are ready for New Music. He even made the title of his new song known . Yeah we will always be ready for new Music. What matters now is the kind of Music He drops. Well Witty Minstrel is not known for dropping What We Cameroonians describe as Wack Songs.Be proud was good and be Proud Remix was great .

Now “Be Proud ” Came with a difference, A song which made many of us realize how beautiful our culture is . Many people could easily relate to it. The song became a national Anthem in the Country and it’s still a National Anthem .Normally When an Artiste drops a Hit song, He has to be very Careful as if he drops a song which is not good he might risk losing the attention he got from the previous song and he might also receive insults added to it. Last year Congolese Artiste Innoss B dropped Yope which is currently at 50+ million views on Youtube. The song was everywhere, He got excited and announced a new song. People advised him to hold on so they could digest Yope first but he insisted he was dropping another one. The song he dropped was below Standards, The attention he was getting from Yope greatly reduced, People started calling his new Song wack. How I wish he listened and was patient. Many people don’t even know about his recent song.

Back to Witty Minstrel, The public haven’t gotten enough of Be Proud Remix Yet, Give them time to understand the flow as Jovi will say. They are still enjoying it. If You must drop another song, make sure it is better than #Be Proud or you should just chill for now, Work harder, I think you have understood what the audience already wants from You. Giving them something lesser will even make them forget you gave them something bigger some months ago. That’s just how we humans are.

Take Your time, Make #Be Proud a Brand, From T shirts to Caps and to hoodies, Many will buy as they easily relate to the song. I know you and your team might be excited now, But decisions in the music market are not made based on Excitement. Study the Market, If the demand for Be Proud is still high, kindly supply it to them. If You bring something that is not better than it that will be a big risk as the demand for Be proud will go down and the demand for the new Product will still be low. It might be high the first two days but it will die down cus people were just in a hurry to discover what you bought. They discovered and couldn’t relate to it as they still prefer the older one.

So for now, Chill, work, Make enough from #Be proud before You let it go and bring some

You can even be working on an EP

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