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We Can’t Export What We Don’t Have!

For Years now Cameroonians have been crying about not being able to penetrate the World Market. We are not Even…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

For Years now Cameroonians have been crying about not being able to penetrate the World Market. We are not Even Able to penetrate the National Markets yet we are trying to penetrate the World Market. It’s funny, right?

Now let me ask You, How many Artistes in Cameroon do Cameroonian Music? Music that has a bit of Njang Bikutsi Asiko makossa etc? How many have created something purely Cameroonian? Are they up to 10? The answer is No.

If they Place a Ban on Foreign Music today that we play only Cameroonian Music we won’t be having up to 10 artists who do Cameroonian Music. How on Earth are they going to feed 25Million people? Before even having some to Export? Once the content is not enough people will always go for foreign substitutes. In the absence of a crocodile, we manage a lizard.

Cameroonian Music is not Music done by a Cameroonian but music that has the Cameroonian Sound. It can be an upgraded form of Makossa , Njang, Bikutsi etc. It can also be something like the Mboko Rap that Jovi Does.

Do you know The song “Honey Moon for Jerusalem “ was done by Cameroonians? It was everywhere in Africa but the Artistes were here in Yaounde. The Song went far but the Artistes did not go far because that was not Cameroonian Music but it was done by a Cameroonian. Cameroonians today still think it’s a foreign song .

Look at this , Stanley Enow did Hein Pere which is a cameroonian song and went far .Jovi did Don 4Kwat a Cameroonian song and went far.Same thing is happening to KO C .

Cameroonians are very supportive and will support everything that represents us.

We can Not export the Nigerian Music that Cameroonian Artistes do, to the same Nigerians. It’s like selling something to someone who already has what you are selling and he is even the one that created it .

We need to bring our own Sound. That’s the only thing we can use to conquer the national and the International markets. We can’t sell products that we don’t have.

Do you know why it is so difficult for us? It is because artistes doing Cameroonian Music are not up to 10. Can 10 people conquer National and the international market? How? and with which products?

Everybody must join the fight. We must do Cameroonian Music if we want to succeed .

We don’t have a sound but we want to sell our sound 😆😆.

Work dey .

We can’t export what we don’t have.

If they challenge us today to bring songs that are purely Cameroonian songs we will run back to the 90s 😆

Phill Bill was right .

We need our own sound

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