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We Can’t Depend Soley On Past Glories,alking about music, this Generation has failed .

ear before last , Jovi challenged Cameroonian Artistes to go back into the studios, drop Eps and Albums because he…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

ear before last , Jovi challenged Cameroonian Artistes to go back into the studios, drop Eps and Albums because he probably knew where we were. Non did it. We rather see only artists from New Bell Music doing so.Salatiel as talented as he is has no Album, look at Mr leo and Bless B with Zero Albums. Daphne with nothing. I wonder where we copy our things from. Talking about music, Cameroonian Artists of our Generation are yet to be able to compare with other countries in Africa before even thinking about the world. When we support on foreign platforms, let’s come back home and work. When we talk about music, We cameroonians can only boast about what the likes of Late Manu, Richard Bona and others did. We can’t rely solely on Past Glories. We are really backwards.

No Cameroonian of our Generation has won a Major award. This alone shows how much work we have. You as an Artiste if You don’t want such please kindly do it for Cameroon. Many Nigerian Artistes and Ghanians have already got BET awards and Grammy Nominations and this gave their countries a great look. Richard Bona remains the only Cameroonian to have won the Grammy award. We do boast of it and now we can’t pretend that these things don’t matter. Stanley Won MTV and that is all. With Jovi I understand most of his projects are going to be ripe 10years from today. He probably doesn’t want to rush but we must work Hard and give this country an image too.

None of Our Artiste has Headline or Filled an Arena out of Africa or even in another African country. Don’t tell me about Richard Bona because we are talking about this Generation that makes a lot of noise. The likes of Wizkid, Davido, Sarkodie and Stonebwoy have headline Concerts and filled up Arenas in European Countries. No cameroonian gets invited even in Nigeria for a Show. We stay and cry when others come and Carry the money. Jovi headline the Nyege nyege festival in kenya and that was all. As the best Rapper in Cameroon I don’t even think he will pull a crowd of 10000 people in Nigeria. This is just. Because he doesn’t market himself that much or may be just working slowly and steadily..
Honestly we have to work.

No Collaboration of a World Standard. We watch Wizkid ride with Drake, Akon, Beyonce, Davido with Christ Brown , Stone boy with Keri Hilson and Benie man. No Cameroon has collaborated with a World class Artist apart From Salatiel on Beyonce’s Album. These collaborations have given Nigeria, Ghana and S Africa a place in the world music market and lifted these artists up. Look at Cameroon, once you want to try at the African Level they call it chuckskin. Honestly we have to stop lying to ourselves and work. We are so backwards because our artists are so talented and broke.

No Album from a Cameroonian or Song topping world Chats. The highest we get is featured on playlists by Apple or Spotify and we clap and celebrate. Lol this country is funny. We have to work. “Lady ” by Rema was at 1 Billion streams on iTunes tell me how they can be poor? African Giant by Burna Boy has 200 million streams whereas no Cameroonian Album has had 1 million streams. We have to work. Reason they will pay him 75million for an hour and pay your favorite artist two million. Let’s reduce the noise and work.

No Cameroonian Even works at the Recording Academy. Diamond Platnumz recently joined the recording Academy to represent Africa. Remember the Recording Academy organizes the Grammys. Imagine a Cameroonian working there? We rather talk too much and work less. We have to work. We are still very backwards when it comes to music. This generation is failing almost everything.

Till We let go of Pride, illiteracy, hate, division and employ the services of Smart and intelligent people, we are going nowhere. Our legends did all they did and kept Cameroon on the map but some of you are rather taking Cameroon out of the map. They did so with Makossa, Please it’s our own time. No matter how good you are here please go for the world. I know we are fit and able. Let’s add up the work and give Cameroon a spot on the international music scene. Imagine and African Music submit with artistes from all over Africa and no Cameroonian on the list. Are we gonna wake up and face reality or keep pretending? I believe we can, let’s do it.

Today we Celebrate Reniss ,who has numerous EPs and Albums and she does Proudly Cameroonian Music .

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