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By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at February 27, 2021

I know many of you will ask questions like “Who knows them ? Who co even buy ? People them nova even buy established artists their own Albums talk less of Upcomers . This is the mentality that has got us stranded and we remain on one spot .Since others fail, we think we will or we are also supposed to fail .
I know many of you will tell me they do that for Visibility .
“Giving out Free music is never a Guarantee that people will stream or download it ” . We have millions of music on the internet which people stream for free .So what’s special about yours? Quick Question .Does an Upcoming Tailor share new clothes for visibility?, Does a new barber shaves for free for visibility? Does a kwata doctor share drugs for free because he is not an Establish doctor? These guys even with little or no exposure on media still make it. They still succeed and sell to those they can sell while expanding their Markets.
An upcoming Artiste will drop an EP of seven tracks for free. This is someone who is starting a business, Buys goods worth 100k and shares for free. After He goes and gets another money from Elsewhere and starts back. An Ep of 7 songs will never cost you less than 100k. You are struggling and have nothing yet sharing 100k?
Who then can they sell their Eps to? The returns in any business is never 100% at the Start. An Ep that costs you 100k you can try your best and sell even for 50k is not bad. Yes I can market Your Ep if You can’t. Sell it to those you call your friends and even Your village People. If you are an upcoming artiste and you don’t have up to 20 Genuine followers then Stop music . These 20 can be your friends , village people and family .I believe before Being called an Upcoming Artiste, You must have at least 50fans. If You target a Hundred fans you might sell to 50 or 60.You can You can even sell a copy for 500frs.
Get in touch with someone who owns a bar or club in Your place, Organize a small Gala, Entrance can Be 500frs and you are handed a copy of the Ep. The club owner gains customers while you sell your Album in the form of gate fee. At the end You will discover that you sold more than 100 copies.
Don’t be Lazy, stop dropping Free projects and dropping links in the comment section Which You might never hit a 5k views on Youtube. Music Business is Simple, Entertaining and nice when you master it .But could be very dangerous and frustrating if you don’t know.
Countless times I’ve spoken about how Artists can grow their Fan Base . If You drop 3 Singles and still unable to have 50fans then there is something wrong . It’s clear you are not doing something Right .
Contact people who know music business and discuss with them .
Crescent Nun was an Ep by Nun Bwoy which was so dope but given out for free. He might be raising another money now to drop another one for Free. Please If anyone sees him let me know.
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Bih Kellybright
Bih Kellybright
7 months ago

The sad truth

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