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Things that You must do before Releasing a New Song.

Failure to plan is planing to fail. Many of the upcoming artistes out there don’t really know what they have…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Failure to plan is planing to fail. Many of the upcoming artistes out there don’t really know what they have to do before releasing a new song. They think all they have to do is create some beef and then that’s all. Before you release a Song

Create a Promo plan. It should be at least a month. Break it down into weeks and know what you are supposed to achieve every week. Plan your promo strategies. What you do at every stage.

Plan your debut . How are you going to release your new music? , is it going to premier on a TV? Radio? Is it going to be Exclusively on a blog? Just make sure that what ever way you use, you should achieve your objectives.

Tell the Public what your Song is about. It can be in a Press release. This helps bloggers and many other social media influences to know what to say about your song. Is it about Hunger? Broken relationships?
Make sure that you narrate it so that It can help get you press features.

Choose Your distribution Channels. It’s Sad that most of the Upcoming artistes only know about YouTube when it comes to Distribution platforms.
Is Your song going to available for free or for sale? If You need to sell your music in cameroon get platforms like Muzikol, Muzeedigital etc. If you want to release it for free then make use of YouTube, Apple music, Spotify, Deezer etc. If you are going to use Streaming platforms then submit the songs earlier so they go through it and notify you if there is any problem. You can still put your song for free on some platforms and for sale in other platforms.

Do a Photoshoot to help you promote your new song. You must not use pictures from the video that you are about to release. Do a photoshoot to help promote your new single. Update Your bio, talk about your new single so that everybody sees it when they visit your website or social media handles.

Register Your Song.
Don’t release your song without protecting it and after you start crying of people stealing your song. You can licence and Trade mark everything so as to be able to collect revenue whenever the song is used.

Update Your cover Art and everything you will need for your promo. Submit it to all the bloggers you arranged with. It should contain the release date of your song and everything.

Drop Your song.
Once you drop the song, the promo shouldn’t die down. It’s time to hype it more until your song reaches the final consumers.

@ASABA will be dropping her New Song soon

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