Saturday, October 23, 2021
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The Be Proud Song is More Popular than the Artiste .What went wrong ?

I remember Mic Monsta said at times we enjoy the music and ignore the Artiste .It’s not a new thing…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

I remember Mic Monsta said at times we enjoy the music and ignore the Artiste .It’s not a new thing in this Country . If there was a way people could book the Be proud song and leave the Artiste they will and leave the artiste .To an extent , i don’t blame the Population but the Artiste.
We have hundreds of people who won’t even recognize Witty Minstrel .
But what Went Wrong ?

No Fan Base . Fans usually push their Artist’s song and hype the Artiste .They talk about the Artiste everytime .The Bé Proud song came unexpected .The Artiste had no fan base by then as there were no group of people who identified themselves as Witty Minstrel’s fans .He made no efforts to build the fan base. He needed to find a way to connect with the Fans . Unfortunately he didn’t .

No Promo . When you pay for Promo, people promote you and the song . Some blogs even profile you so their audience get to know who you truly are.Your background and future plans for the industry .
Many blogs who picked up the song did so cus they loved it and not necessarily because he paid. Once you pay , the people out there do their Job well .They paint the true picture and send out the necessary image and story .

No Media Tour . I expected to see Witty Minstrel on Every Radio and Tv stations but that was not the case .Only few media outlets actually had him .But the song was on every TV station .

His Social Media handle we’re almost empty . It’s not been long since he started posting clear pictures of himself . His page is not even active that much . A man with a song of over a million views yet can’t have 50likes on his post ? They needed to find strategies to keep his page active and push his Image .

At this Point , Witty Minstrel needs to be consistent before people forget him completely . The Be proud song is still trending ,but the artist is not .
If he drops a new song and pushes it well , people might get to know him better .

Happy Weekend from Witty Minstrel 😂

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