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Terrible Mistakes Upcoming Artistes Make

Upcoming artists do things today in a way that one just looks and laughs. The level of ignorance among some…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Upcoming artists do things today in a way that one just looks and laughs. The level of ignorance among some of them is alarming . From a distance you can watch and say this one like this will never go anywhere .We still have some upcomers doing it right . Big ups .
But a majority of you if not guided , it will end in tears . The mistake many of you make is

They Think it’s all about getting an Artiste Name . Many upcomers just sit , once they get a good name they think they are artistes . Many just come up with crazy funny names and the next thing you see is they do form groups they refer to as labels.

They look for an Older Person and name him manager . The age doesn’t define skills . Some of you look for people who can’t manage themselves . How on earth will they manage you ? Some one with No knowledge about the industry ? This is one of the mistakes you make . Getting people with no skill. They taking you nowhere.

Many also think their Career is just about going to the studio, recording, and dropping what they always describe as a hit. The truth is some of them can’t and don’t even listen to those songs . They next it everytime it pops up . Your music Career is not only about that .

Having a stage name , having a manager and dropping songs is not wrong but you must do it in the right way .

You don’t have an Instagram account or Twitter yet you want to go Viral.
It’s not easy for someone to go viral on Facebook but very easy on Twitter and insta. Some of you can’t even use Twitter nor the IG . You just learn these basic skills .

You got no Idea about the Music business . You can’t start a business without any business without having an idea of how it functions . All is you have a Stage name and want to blow . No bro , grab a seat, sit down and learn . Some of you can’t even read and understand deals but you just jump into it . No, get knowledge about the music scene. You don’t even read blog posts to learn .

I see many of you branding yourselves as singers and rappers. A rapper that can’t even make a 30seconds freestyle without using words you already used ? At Times be honest . If the talent no Dey , leavam .Don’t force it .

You won’t blow just by recording songs bro . You have to take it upon yourself and push your songs . Pay Bloggers , Yes I said pay Bloggers . No one will do a Great job for free . Pay them , some day you won’t even have to do that again but at this level ,Pay them .

Be passionate . We have millions of your type out here . You must really be passionate about your craft .

Create your own style . It’s kind of difficult but that’s a way of escaping the ordinary . Let someone find the uniqueness in you and develope that interest in your craft .

See , succeeding out here is a product of hard work and doing things the right way . Many of you even insult bloggers who try to shape and educate you .

Take free advice and make your career better .

I no use any upcoming Artiste yi picture cus many of them are too Emotional.

Pic c : Michael Zamani M

Photo by Kk Xpressions

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