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Record Labels are Always Wrong.

Record labels are business Units and they bear one of the highest Risks When it comes to Signing Artistes .People…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Record labels are business Units and they bear one of the highest Risks When it comes to Signing Artistes .People hardly Appreciate them may be because they don’t know the Risks and troubles they go through .

Once an Artiste does not blow,we blame Record labels .When a Record Label signs an Artiste and he or she does not blow, we blame the Record label .The record label might even sacrifice all she got for the Artiste but the public will always blame the Label .

When an Artiste quits a Record label , we always accuse the Record label of Exploiting the Artiste . We paint them black . The blame is always on the record label. Exploiting the Artiste ? You can’t exploit someone who has nothing .

Record Labels go through A lot. Many of you are not aware of it, that’s the reason why you Criticize them always .

You pick up an Artiste , invest in him or her for more than 3 years before you start making any Profit .
Imagine in 3 years she drops 6 videos which cost at least 2 million francs each , that’s 12 million.imagine the price of the Audio and Promo , in less than 3 years a Record label can spend more than 20 million on an Artiste without making up to 5 million from them.That’s money your family won’t even want to invest on you ,but your Record labels does.

Once an Artiste makes it ,He or she starts making unpopular demands, they seek to end the contract without the man even balancing up the money he spent on them.The year the money starts coming ,The Artistes start feeling like they deserve more and the Record Label must add something to their pay to make them stay .some start threatening to Go and that’s how the public join them to rubbish the label .

It’s time our Artistes start Appreciating Record label owners . it’s not easy at all .You suffer with one and at the end they don’t even blow and that’s huge losses to the label ..

Mention your best Record Labels and congratulate them for the Great Work they have been doing .

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