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Many Cameroonians Get it wrong when we talk about Consistency in Music. They think it means dropping new music every…

By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at February 15, 2021

Many Cameroonians Get it wrong when we talk about Consistency in Music. They think it means dropping new music every week or month. Consistency in Music doesn’t mean dropping new music every week or month, It means dropping new music every week or month that is worth it and not going out of line. Many upcomers get confused here. They want to be consistent by leaving Content out of the picture. We live in an Era where “Content is King”Don’t just drop songs but drop songs that are worth it. A kind of consistency without content can make you lose fans, they might get tired of getting Wack Songs.Dropping Wack Songs every month is not Consistency.

Consistency goes with Branding too. Consistency doesn’t mean dropping njang today, Rap tomorrow and Afro Pop tomorrow. As an Artiste, you need branding. Make sure you do all to stand out. Being Consistent also means giving Your fans What you have always been giving them and never stopping. In that way we say you have been Consistent.You keep giving them what they want at the right time.

Don’t only drop music, Drop music that is worth it . It’s like in business, don’t only bring products, bring great products for your consumers and products that your consumers know you always bring.

So Consistency in Music means being Punctual,Bringing Good music and not Switching from who you are. When you change, you are like introducing a new line of goods to your consumers.

As we Gear towards celebrating the Jovi Day, I’ll like to remind you that he is the most consistent Cameroonian Artistes . For 10 Years he has never gone mute . He has over 9 EPS and 4 Albums to his name . He has stayed true to his craft and after 10 years he is still doing him and nothing else . He has been loyal to his music . If Content is King then Jovi is King .

You can’t be consistent and fail.
Consistency is the Key to a Successful Music Career reason why Jovi is still here .
Jovi day 16th February loading …
Celebrate a legend by taking a look at his content .

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