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How Upcoming Artistes Behave

For over two Years now that I’ve been blogging , I’ve studied this set of people we call upcoming Artistes…

By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at February 11, 2021

For over two Years now that I’ve been blogging , I’ve studied this set of people we call upcoming Artistes ,I must tell you that they are funny .They are the most insecured people on earth . This is how they behave 👇👇

They Contact you for Promo,you charge them, they run and go to the next blogger, he or she charges them and they still run and go to the next one .They negotiate with the one that will accept , When they collect his money and do the work according to what they paid,the next thing you hear is, they took my money and did nothing 😄😄. You pay video 85k and you wantam make e dey like Adrenaline Yi videos ? .

They will also Pay a producer , Video Director and a photographer. When they reach out to a blogger , they boldly say ” Bro I dong over Spend for that Video .You fit imagine say I pay 500k? Abeg just help me share the song ” .This is funny and at the same time an Insult .When you do this I just look at you and laugh .

This set of People don’t share Blog posts , they don’t like or comment .They feel too big but when it’s time for Promo you hear stuffs like ” Bro I’ve been following your blog , I like your work bro , you doing just great . I di ever read your posts them , abeg I co Di drop ma song tomorrow just help me share “. Yoo that’s just how they behave , you start wondering where they have been.

Now this is my Advise to You guys .

Don’t pay a video for 85k and expect it to look like Dr Nkeng videos . You get just what you deserve .Don’t run from bloggers to bloggers at the end you pay 5k and expect to see great works .Nope you won’t .

When working , always plan and allocate the budget for everything .”Abeg “has lost its Validity .Tell the blogger how much you have and plead with him, if he helps you good.

Share Blog Posts , Comment and interact on blogs .if I notice that you are always active on ma blog, I can easily help you but if you want to claim super star things, just know that i will charge you in a Super Star Way.

Pic Credit : Nun Bwoy . He released a Free EP titled Crescent Nun .Ever since he has been missing .

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