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How to Organize a Successful Concert as an Artist.

It’s not really easy to be on Shows in this Industry. Upcoming Artistes struggle big Time to be on Shows.Some…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

It’s not really easy to be on Shows in this Industry. Upcoming Artistes struggle big Time to be on Shows.Some even get blocked from being in a Particular Show. I’ll tell you how you can organize a SUCCESSFUL Concert be it big or Small.

Set a Budget. Setting a budget is the first and the most important thing You should do. Set up a budget covering all what you need for the concert and all the Expenses. You don’t just go around organizing a concert or Party without a Budget. After you set up a Budget you

Choose Your Artistes. We call it Talent Buying. You do this depending on your budget, Your environment and the type of people who will be Present. Are you organizing a concert in Yaounde? For youths 18 to 40? You should be able to know the type of Artistes these Youths listen to and Go for them like Locko, Jovi, Stanley and Ternor. If it’s for Aged people then go for Petit pays, Ben Decca etc. With Talent buying, consider your environment and their Age.

Choose Your venue

This is very important. After Talent Buying, choose your venue. Consider traffic and the road that lead to the venue. Consider the security of your invitees. Consider the packing facilities. Many people won’t come if these things ain’t Good. You might have a good line up of Artistes but choose a wrong venue.

Choose Your Concert’s Date.
Yes we already know the Location, and those who are Performing. Set your date now and make it public. Communicate the date to many people it can be via Social Media, Emails and Sms. Many artists make use of MTN and Orange. As an upcomer, use social media and Emails.Be careful please, make sure your event’s date doesn’t clash with any popular event or popular day. Use Your promotional and marketing strategies now.

Get Your Equipment, check the sound systems. If the venue doesn’t have it kindly hire or rent them. Install them. Get permits like from the nearest authority. Let him know there will be noise and also alcohol consumption around this place. Your sound systems should be great

Set The Prices of Your Tickets.

You already know all your expenses. It is very important you be careful in setting up the Prices of Your Tickets. Some might scare the ordinary man away. You made your Talent buying and knew those who will be around and your audience already. Set up prices moderately if you want to have a Sold out concert. You have to create many different types of tickets. Reasons you have normal tickets, VIP and VVIP.

Choose How To Sell Tickets. This is not usually easy. How are you going to sell the tickets and where can they buy it? Make use of online Stores, kiosks and Super markets. Make your tickets to be available in all the popular joints in town. Let the audience not have any difficulty when it comes to purchasing tickets. If you sell some online, Remember to send the buyers a thank you email when they purchase.

Vast Promotion. Promote your concert now. Do it on media and offline. Do giveaways with some tickets. Organize small contests to promote your show. Make use of the Email campaign . Send out thousands of Emails to Your audience to keep them aware of the event Till the day of your concert.
Offer your best during the concert.

Show Appreciation for All those who attended. Send them Emails to thank them. Don’t just say since you made all the money you will just go without thanking them. Show Appreciation and keep those Emails. It will help you again for your next Concert.

Dr Artistes, You need to learn everything and be there for yourself when there is no one.

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