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Cameroon is now home to some of the biggest streaming platforms in the world .Many of you are still blind…

By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at March 3, 2021

Cameroon is now home to some of the biggest streaming platforms in the world .Many of you are still blind to the opportunities that streaming platforms bring Recently Apple Music and Spotify recently extended their services to Cameroon. It is a big win for artists who know what they are doing .

With the coming of these platforms , I’ll try to school you on how you can increase your streams on these platforms to make more money for yourself .There exist many ways to increase your music streams .Getting your music to many eyes and ears is the wish of Every Artiste and that’s the aim of the business .

Share on Social Media Platforms . Social media remains one of the best tools to market every product . Make sure your social media handles are active and engaging .This is where you see the importance of a Good PR.Share your links on Facebook, Twitter, instagram,tik Tok etc . You can’t do this alone so you need the help of bloggers to help you reach a bigger audience .

Submit Your Release Earlier .
Spotify suggests you submit your songs 7 days before it’s release . This gives them time to go through it and might consider adding it to playlists . Note, Different distributors have their own systems so always submit your songs earlier .

Apply to Feature in Curated Playlists.
Salatiel’s ‘I do” featuring Sauti Sol and Locko is on Apple Music playlist #Dja la Foule and Fire on the Mountain featuring Teni is on the Harmattan Playlist . If you succeed to feature in Playlists like this know you have already gone far . Salatiel’s Album is distributed by Africori which is one of the best distribution platforms in the continent .

Contact People with User Playlists .
One thing many people don’t know is User Playlists Carry huge influence.Find playlists that go in line with the kind of music that you make .Please include your song on their list .

Paid Promotion.
The truth is , it costs money to make more money .Make use of Social media ads and things like Spotify tailored audio ads for your project to reach many people .

Embed Your tracks into Your website.
This is where websites become very important to any artistes out there and business persons .I’ll always recommend Yeba Media for all your website issues .If you own a website try embedding your Apple music and Spotify player on your website so that when people visit, they can easily stream your songs on Spotify .

If You are an upcoming Artiste and confused on how you can get your songs on this streaming platform , Contact Yeba Media to help distribute your songs worldwide .

However, Streaming constitutes just part of an Artiste’s revenue . Artistes can make money from merch , touring and also selling their music on Local Platforms like Enow digital, Yebastream, Muzikol and auxplay . It is time for Salatiel’s team to organise a world tour with this incredible Album and make Millions .Cameroon got it all , Africa Got it all . It’s Time to Rise and Shine .

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