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How to grow your Fanbase as an Artist!

Music is business, Fans are like Customers. To succeed in Business You must have customers.One of the greatest problems some…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Music is business, Fans are like Customers. To succeed in Business You must have customers.
One of the greatest problems some artists face is how to grow their fan base. You have people who only talk and criticize you online but have no loyal fan base. To Grow Your fan Base. You focus more on getting Youtube views and forget about the real deal which is having a solid Fan base. To grow your fan base, You must 👇👇

Define Your Vision. If Your followers don’t understand what you stand for and of what importance it is to them, they won’t follow you. Look at it this way, Jovi has the Strongest Fan base today because his followers understand what he stands for. They understand what he is fighting for and they understand how important it is for them to Protect it. Many follow Stanley Enow today because he makes them believe with little or nothing you can become who you want. Tina’s fan base also growing today because people have seen her fight in fighting for our culture and promoting our own style of music .Till People have reasons to follow you, you might just be boiling beans. As an Artist what is Your Vision? What do you stand for? How will it help the common man or fan? Do you tell their stories? Do you encourage them?

Collaborate with other Artistes. Many people will love you because you collaborated with their favourite Artiste. Salatie’s fans tripled the day he collaborated with Beyonce. Stanley Enow’s fans have been growing as he keeps collaborating with many others. Boy Tag gains more fans when he collaborates with Daphne.

Reach out to Music Blogs. Unfortunately Cameroonian Musicians think Bloggers owe them. Yes bloggers are always tasty for hot gist but they can still create gist. Reach out to bloggers. Give them what they need. They are like the middleman in your business. They tell your fans what they should know. A single Article from a blogger about you can make you gain hundreds of fans. Make use of them.

Send Exclusive Emails. I mentioned something the last time like subscribing to get an Artistes Content before the entire public gets. You listen to songs that he has never released or yet to release. When fans do this, kindly send them a message thanking them for the Subscription. They will spread the information on how simple and cool you are. Many people love celebrities that are down to earth. You will definitely gain more fans. Don’t feel too big to do this.

launch Competitions. Tzy Panchack has been doing this and is about to do it again. These competitions bring him thousands of fans and bring huge traffic to his page. People see this as an act of support to struggling Artistes and he gains more fans. Know the type of Challenge you launch. Dance challenge brings you little or no fans especially when the song doesn’t have a unique dance step.

Always interact with Your fans. I see Jovi in comment sections on Facebook. Yes that’s good. That doesn’t make him less of a star. I see Askia and many others on foreign blogs commenting. Replying and interacting with your fans in the media helps grow your fan base. Fans get angry when their Idol never replies to them. If you are very busy, kindly get yourself a PR who will always do that.

Giveaway. Don’t only talk about fans not supporting you. What are you doing for the fans? They also want to benefit from you. The relationship shouldn’t be one sided. You can give out Merchandise, money or support them with food stuff in times of need. They will always spread the word and bring you more Fans. Even if you don’t have one, You can still speak out for them when they need a voice.

Avoid Insulting Fans who disagree with You. Insulting Your own fans for having a different opinion about a particular issue is bad. Rather ignore it. Don’t fight your fans in the comment section. You will send many of them away. You will never See Boy Tag fighting with a Fan or Mic Monsta. This keeps bringing them more fans.

Feature them in Your music Video. Not be asking them to pay abeg 😄.You might be shooting a new video in Yaounde, Douala or Bamenda. Kindly call all your fans. You can ask them to wear your merch. They will forever be excited to be in your music video and share it so the entire world can see. This makes you gain more fans. I’ve once seen Boy Tag announce his video Shoot on Facebook and inviting all his fans to come. That’s one of the best strategies.

Organize Concerts Everywhere. You must not go only for big concerts. You can organize concerts at small venues. Your fans will be able to Meet you and even have a picture with you. This is how you motivate them and make them love you more. You must start from somewhere. Even when you reach the top, try and keep doing this.

Music is a Business, Fans are customers. To succeed, make sure you have as many customers as possible.

Weh Weh by Vernyuy Tina is out now .

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