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How did Jovi Build His Fanbase

There are some facts that Can’t be denied .Jovi is that Rapper with the Biggest Fan Base in Cameroon and…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

There are some facts that Can’t be denied .Jovi is that Rapper with the Biggest Fan Base in Cameroon and Africa. I hate to call it fan base because they are more of a family to him and all the fans see themselves like Brothers and Sisters. One can’t help but wonder how he did that. Knowing how he did it could help other artists follow and Grow. It is good to emulate good things. You have never seen Jovi say things like Cameroonians don’t support each other or anything. Jovi did this by

Releasing Good Music . No matter how much you talk and beg for support , people won’t support you if your products are not Good enough .I’ve always said that Good promo won’t make bad music Good .So the First thing you should do is, drop Good music . People love Good music and You gather More Fans by doing this .

Originality .Nothing attracts people like Originality in this Century .Jovi gathered thousands of Fans by staying Original and doing just him .He did not Go left to copy anything from someone .People who love Originality Came closer to him as fans and today they are like Family .

Creativity .We have many talented Artistes in Cameroon who are not Creative .Talented Artistes Can sing and Rap but they never do anything extraordinary by bringing in something people have never seen .Jovi has been so Creative and had to Create the Mboko Rap .Creativity Attracts people .Jovi Got many Fans by being this Creative .People love Creativity .

Hard Work and Patience . In Cameroon when someone drops just two or three songs without Getting So much Attention from the Public , the next thing you hear them say is ” Cameroonians are not Supportive “
Gaining Fans is a Product of Hard Work and Time.You must be really hard working and patient .Look at Jovi, he has over Many Albums and EPs.He has been here for long too. People who admire Hard Work became his Fans .The product is there and it Attracts People .

Patriotism: Jovi’s Love for his Country is Unquestionable . Remember how mad he was at Lyrical Joe when he spoke bad about Cameroon? That showed how much he loves Cameroon.
Always trying to Represent Cameroon in his Music shows how much he loves Cameroon. Being Against division of the Country in his raps also shows his love for this Country .When you stand for Your Country, they stand up for you . Patriotism has never failed anyone .Jovi gathered many of his Fans by being this Patriotic .

HELPING OTHERS . When someone Employs you in Cameroon, it is Help because we always have thousands of your type out there.look at the number of Artistes that have been at New Bell Music and Still there.All their fans become Jovi’s Fans .When you help others, You grow .

Love for his Community .People who have been Fans of the work the Mboko GanG carries out became his fans.When they look at how they are impacting the communities , they tend to love and support him so that they can do more.

Talented : I don’t even have to stress on this as we all know how Talented Jovi is .From being able to Produce , Mix and Master’s his songs to singing .Who hates talented people ? No one .Many people who love , appreciate and respect talent became his fans .

Simplicity : If you haven’t met Jovi in person you might not know this .He is that kind of person that sees his fans as his brothers and sisters and relate with them anyhow and anyway. Many people love Simple People.Once you are Simple , Many people come to you .That’s how he gained some of his fans .

I’ve come to believe that Fans are earned . People won’t support you because you are crying and asking them to support you, but because they think and believe that you deserve their support .
I believe that if many of the Artistes who cry everyday follow this step , they will build a Great Fan Base too .

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