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How Artists can make hundreds of Millions!.

Our artists have been making Some good music lately but one of the biggest challenges they face is how to…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

Our artists have been making Some good music lately but one of the biggest challenges they face is how to make Money from their music. Some have been making music for about 5 years but still can’t pay their rent with the revenue they get from Music .
Let’s look at some ways that our Artistes can make money.

CDs. I know some of our Artistes think CDs are already dead. Yes the sales might have dropped but it’s still a great way of making money. If You are an Artiste and you have a live Concert, take CDS along. You will easily sign and Sell to your fans. Imagine having a crowd of 5000 fans, You will make huge money. CDs are cheap to produce and in business anything that reduces the cost of production and maximizes profits is good.

Digital Downloads. Money gotten from Digital Downloads has been going down because of numerous streaming platforms that we have which People can stream music for free and making money that Artistes used to get from Digital Downloads go down. However, it is still very profItable. When selling digital downloads, sell it directly from your website and you will make more money.Young Holiday is already making money from his website via this .

Streaming Platforms. I’m happy Apple music is now in Cameroon. Our Artistes can generate enough money from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer etc. Get an iPhone not for swag but for business . Subscribe to Apple music and upload all your songs to their platform.

Live Shows. Artistes make a lot of money from Live Shows and Concerts from the sales of Tickets. They also make money by selling their Merch at the live Show Venue. For our Artistes to make more money, they should organize Live Shows . Tzy Panchack made enough money from his Live Concert at St John Plaza Douala .

Merch. You can sell more of your Merch at any of Your live Show. Your fans will even buy to wear it at your event. Selling of Merch actually helps increase an Artist’s income.But you must give people a reason to buy Your merch .

Subscriptions are ways fans pay a monthly recurring fee for access to content, like your entire discography plus any new releases. You can also offer early access to new music or videos, merch discounts, exclusive subscriber-only online shows, and more.imagine having all of Stanley’s new Releases before any other person or Jovi’s entire Discography. Real fans will always pay to get these Exclusives . Young Holidayis the first Cameroonian artist to have a subscription website.

Digital Royalties. This can only happen if you license your music and own the rights to the song. Any Tv, Radio Station using your music either as an advert or Playing it gets to pay you.

Facebook and Instagram video monetization
Did you know that you can earn money when your songs are used in Facebook videos or in Instagram Stories? If people upload videos that use your music, even if it’s just playing in the background, you can get paid for that.instead of using Joe Boy, Davido and hundreds of foreign Artists please use our Artistes. They get paid for that. But then how many of our Artistes know? Or encourage Fans to help do that? Well Na so the World E dey.

Artistes can make money in many ways. When I see Establish Artistes Poor I begin to imagine the management and team they have, the strategies they use, it’s a pity.

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