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Success Births Disrespect in Cameroon!.

I almost Cried yesterday watching Cameroonian Rapper openly Calling his big bro in the Industry a Fool and Raining series…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Music News , at February 10, 2021

I almost Cried yesterday watching Cameroonian Rapper openly Calling his big bro in the Industry a Fool and Raining series of insults on him. I stopped for a second and I was like, Are these same artistes who preach love? Love when they can love themselves? Well I have secondary thoughts as to what Triggered KO C to do this which I will reveal later .

Few Years ago , When Davido visited Cameroon, he openly said that he knows only Stanley and Etoo. Stanley Enow joined them in laughing.
Stanley was heavily insulted after that. Over the years Stanley Enow changed and became more humble and learnt to involve his brothers in almost Everything he does and working with them more.
A perfect example is TVlH rmx where he brought together the country’s finest Mcs .

A year Ago, when Victor AD openly said he knew only KO C from Cameroon, KO C laughed and almost rolled on the floor. He said nothing about having other brothers who are talented.

A Year after having and receiving love from the people, KO C sees himself at a different level.
He comes to insult Stanley Enow by Qualifying him as being stupid and a fool. Describing Stanley Enow as the type of person we shouldn’t put in Front.
This is coming from someone who is Guilty of the same sin.

Well I had to sit and chill and think.

After Caleçon KO C has been trending and thinks it’s ok to disrespect Stanley or Puts himself at the level of Stanley. Not to belittle KO C but I think he is not in any position to talk to Stanley Enow.

This again sounds like an opportunity getting back at someone. Few weeks ago KO C claimed that someone removed his name from the MTV nominees. Looking at his bitterness one will quickly conclude that KO C thinks Stanley Enow did. He is somehow just looking at an opportunity to get on Stanley’s Nerves so as to spark a cold war .

It’s Terrible and act KO C did. Openly insulting Stanley Enow and calling him Stupid knowing fully well that he is guilty of the same thing .

In Cameroon. Success births disrespect

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