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Doing The Show And Forgetting The Business

Last Year BOY TAG Made a Statement asking Cameroonian artists to invest. WAX DEY still sounded it hard after that….

By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at February 11, 2021

Last Year BOY TAG Made a Statement asking Cameroonian artists to invest. WAX DEY still sounded it hard after that. I see some people asking every day how WAX DEY made his money. Wax Dey did the Show and the Buisness. Today if I’m told he is the Richest urban Artiste in 237 I won’t doubt. We have seen what Mama Nguea went through and still going through. Longue Longue got his passport and he started asking for contribution to travel. Many of Our Artistes are doing the Show but Forgetting the business.

It’s no longer about selling Music and Merch. Even the fans have started selling Merch. Musicians dong di plenty. How then do you Survive as an Artiste in Future.

Initiate Deals. Look at What Wax Dey did by bringing D Banj, Omawumi, Diamond etc on Coco na Chocolate. Such a project brought him hundreds of millions. Its not only about dropping songs. Initiate Projects as Such. This kind of projects can even make you tour more than 10 countries. I’m happy Leo tried something like that but something was lacking.

Do Songs that attract NGOs or Associations. A song like ” Cocoa na chacoalate” Can be use as advert in many Companies and to also talk about the Richness of Africa. Do you know how much they pay you for such songs? You can enjoy it for life. Don’t only do music that will heat Up places and cool down. Do songs that can attrack even investment companies towards you.

Don’t Wait for Shows. Come together with others. Organize National and international Shows. The industry is poisoned with Cliques. If they can’t let you in, create yours. Create Shows. Organize tours. Go round and make Money. Save as much as you can from such Shows. Wax Dey single handedly brought Diamond Platnumz to Cameron.

Set Up real buisnesses. Its not only about Selling Merch. Our Artistes have refused to think aloud. All they can do is sell Merch. You can still create a shoe brand, Cosmetics, Drinks, Fast foods etc.
Make sure you look around you. See what is highly depanded and set up a business. When you stop trending your business will still be there. Its important you set up these buisnesses.You can even build houses put it out for rent. Houses will never go out of fashion. You will always make money out of it.

Create a Label. Sign talented Artistes that you will always make money from them. You can create an annual show that goes on every year. It will become an official something as days go on. You can also invest in other stuffs like fashion and movies. This will help you.

Artistes go on retirement without a house, Car or savings that they can use when they fall sick. Soon they start crying out for help. I’ve not seen any CAMEROONIAN Artiste with huge investments out there. This is the time. We don’t want to see Artistes putting up Gofundme for contributions again

This is the time. Help Yourself. Save and invest.

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