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Do We Have International Artists in Cameroon?

When our Brothers in the USA, Europe ,ASIA and other continents invite us for a show , it can be…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

When our Brothers in the USA, Europe ,ASIA and other continents invite us for a show , it can be an Anniversary or End of year party. Does it make us International Artistes ?

Remember it’s our Brothers from Cameroon who invited us . Without them we won’t be invited .Are we international Artistes only because they invited us ?

If You are an international Artiste, You won’t have to stress before they play your music anywhere in the world . It’s sad but at this moment I don’t think we have International Artistes in Cameroon apart from the Likes of Richard Bona.

An International Artiste is someone who has

Won a Major international Award like BET or GRAMMY .

Been invited for shows out of his country by a Major Company or Event Organizers .

Able to fill up an Arena in a different continent .

His music streamed almost everywhere in the world .

Have major Collaborations with the World’s Finest .

If you are an International Artiste , You need not struggle to be heard in any country .

It’s sad we have no International Artiste in the Cameroonian Urban Music Scene as of now.
Our Music ends here , if it tries , it reaches Gabon,Congo and Ivory Coast .

No major Awards won or even nominations .

No major Collaborations.

No one invited for a show outside Cameroon by a Major company or Event Organizer

No Artiste invited for an African Music Festival as Cameroonian Artistes are always absent from the line up.

Our music can’t go international if we don’t have international Artistes .Banning Foreign Music doesn’t make us go international .

We might claim we don’t need International Recognition but Trust me we do .

Richard Bona is able to purchase Houses and set up businesses all over the world today because of the international market .He does not have less than 100 shows a year in different parts of the World .

However we can only Hack into the international markets by

Doing Purely Cameroonian Music .It worked for Richard Bona,late Manu Dibango and many others . We can’t export what we don’t have . We must first of all do Cameroonian Music before we can export it . Note, this will not happen overnight . It requires hard work and patience .Jovi has been working for more than 10 years , he knows what it takes because he ain’t giving up .

We Must Collaborate with Artists from other Countries or Continents . The best way to get access into an international market is by collaborating with a foreign Artist on a Great project . Note, I said Great Project that can make you go viral in your own country and his country .

Promotion.We must promote and distribute our content in the right way .Online and offline .Get our content to foreign media .

Content . Lastly we must produce enough content . This will make us go international in less than no time and also reduce the consumption of foreign music .

As of now , the only urban Artiste who is closer to the word International in Cameroon is Stanley Enow .His music might not be booming in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana but these people know him .If Stanley had not slowed down on this Collaboration he could have been far. If the songs he did were Great Songs like he could have been viral in those countries I said make sure you do Great Songs .He is closer to international too because he won one of the most prestigious awards in Africa and has been nominated again .He is the first of his Generation to get that .

Our Artistes must work to be international before our content can be Aired internationally .One Artiste that I’m sure will win and win when he becomes international is Jovi .He is working slowly and Steadily .Content wise he is at the top .He has the products necessary to go get into the international market .I guess he is taking his time but if you ask me, I think he is ready for the world at large .He is the only one with the right products as of now and in large quantities.

Difficult to be aired in the international Market if you are only National .
Our Artistes are all National except for legendary Richard Bona🤦

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