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A music Career is like a business. Your Product is Music, Merch and the tickets you sell and your platforms…

By Zamani's Blog , in Music , at February 15, 2021

A music Career is like a business. Your Product is Music, Merch and the tickets you sell and your platforms you monetize. A failed music career is like a failed business as a result of Bankruptcy and if you are not Careful by then you might still owe people and the liability can even extend to your personal property. Producers and Directors whom you owe will come for you 😂. Fuchor’s Team seem to understand that music is business and I applaud what they have been doing for this young boy . The promo plan surrounding Twerk is huge . The song is everywhere .

If You treat Your Career like as a Business

You will know the Producers to contact. You can’t be starting up a business and investing a million at once. What’s your guarantee? Go for a Producer of Your level and according to your budget. Remember this is business and you must take strategic decisions or you risk losing your capital.

You will Go for the video Directors of Your level. Yes this is business. A business man or an Entrepreneur adds his stock according to his capital and the returns he makes. So No go over spend or take some risks of uncertainty that can lead to bankruptcy.

You will know you have to pay Bloggers. Guys, this is business. How do you employ someone and put them in Your shop to sell your goods and don’t pay him? No! Bloggers are like sales Agents. You need them. The goal of every producer is for his goods to reach the consumers. They take your goods to the public and as such are to be paid. Remember this is business. I applaud the promo Fuchor’s team has been doing for this Young Talent. He is world Wide. They understood that everything is Business and have been investing on everything that can make the Young Talent better. Big ups to them.

You will know you are Supposed to Sell Your Music. How do you go through the production process, pay sales Agents and then give out your goods for free? It’s impossible . If you still give out music for free then know your sales agent are sleeping. They make the consumers ready to buy. If you are still giving out free music then you are not having sales agents. I nova ever see me that kind business wey them di dash goods just because you start na start. You dong ever see upcoming tailor di dash clothes? Nope. You dong ever see ENEO di give free light even for the fact say them dey like upcoming power suppliers? Nope.
Guys, treat your Career as a business. Make a living from your music. If you do things right, you will have no complaints to give but only smiles and Champaign to be popping.

Twerk By Fuchor X Askia still available here .

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