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Cameroniand Will Disgrace You

This industry is not Friendly the way we think. The Praises they give you today are like Traps. Few weeks…

By Zamani's Blog , in Artists Movies Music News , at February 10, 2021

This industry is not Friendly the way we think. The Praises they give you today are like Traps. Few weeks ago we were all here congratulating Tzy Panchak for his works but today many of you are insulting him cus he said he is bigger than Naira Marley? It is normal to Call yourself the best Any day anytime. Na Your wahala if person talk say e be the best and it hurts you. Naira Marley will never tell Tzy that he is the best so Tzy has every right to call himself the best. Especially when someone is trying to belittle his arts. Tzy should be nick name the Messiah .

Tzy Panchack is one of the most Supportive Artiste Cameroon has. Tzy has collaborated with Meshi, Stanley, Ambe, Skidy Boy, and many others. He appears almost in all concerts and video shoots that he is invited to. Up till today Tzy still does Free shows in the name of Fortheculture and all for love.
Only Few Cameroonian Artistes do this.

Tzy Panchack also brought Vivid, Cleo Grae and Tina to the Spotlight . Tina is what she is today thanks to Tzy Panchack, Vivid and Cleo Grae are here today thanks to him. He did not end there he still launched another Challenge and helped Okunol and Reeky Dasha. This alone made him Artiste of the Year In 2019.

2021 Tzy launched Fortheculture Challenge worth 1 Million Francs where Chindo and @Vegha emerged the winners. It did not end there .Tzy still featured 10 of the upcoming Rappers on a song which he took care of the video and everything.
I don’t even want to talk about his plans for the winners and where he sees them.
Nigga has literally give up his own life for his people.

Tzy Panchack is one of the Artiste that has always been the voice of the Voiceless. From the Ezeka train incident, he wrote a song, recorded and shot the video on the same day for his people. The Anglophone Crises he has made many songs just to talk about it. Tzy Panchack Really has his people at heart. He has done more than just enough when it comes to standing up for his people.

The Kumba Massacre, Tzy had to do a song for those kids. Visited the scene and offered a moment of Silence to those kids during his concert. Give this dude some respect .

Tzy has also been in the streets supporting Families during this covid 19 period. He is that Artiste who cares about his community. I watched him Shared goods to the elderly and the needy Countless times.

Hardwork. Tzy Panchack is one of the most Hard working Artistes Cameroon has. Guys you must not have a sound to succeed. Let’s learn to embrace diversity. Today you all insult him that he sounds like Davido and the rest but trust me almost all of you vibe to his songs. Tzy is very hardworking and drops songs back to back. He feeds his fans with good music and all his music always has a good theme.

Are we going to dig everywhere and discredit him just because he said he is bigger than Naira Marley? Damm this is wrong and disrespectful to someone who has put in his life to safe the industry .What Tzy has done for this industry deserves some respect. We must not criticize or insult and tarnish his Arts or his good deeds because he said he is bigger than Naira Marley . If Every Artiste was like Tzy Panchack or doing what he does we will have a better industry. You can hate hate him but don’t belittle his Arts nor his Struggle .

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